Authentic Thai massage carried out by experienced and fully qualified masseuses from Thailand.

Traditional Thai massage is a rich synthesis of three ancient health traditions stretching back more than 1000 years.
By combining ayurvedic (classical Indian) medical theory and the postural dynamics of hatha yoga with their own health beliefs and ingenuity, the Thai's developed a very relaxing, therapeutic and graceful system of massage. Traditional Thai massage can be applied as a full-body treatment or as a specific therapy to treat a broad range of physical discomforts and stress-related disorders.

Prices List

Prices List

Deep Tissue massage is an extra €5 per hour

Thai Oil Massage–30 mins €35
Thai Oil Massage–45 mins €50
Thai Oil Massage–60 mins €60
Thai Oil Massage–90 mins €90
Thai Oil Massage–120 mins €110

Thai aroma Massage–30 mins €35
Thai aroma Massage–45 mins €50
Thai aroma Massage–60 mins €60
Thai aroma Massage–90 mins €90
Thai aroma Massage–120 mins €110

Lymphatic Drainage Massage–75 mins €90

Thai head Massage–30 mins €35

Deep Tissue massage prices
Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage–30 mins €40.00
Traditional Thai Massage–60 mins €65.00
Sports Massage–60 mins €70.00